Hand-Made Brown Sugar Black Whale Pearls

BLACK WHALE's Brown Sugar Series all served by using the hand-made brown sugar which is freshly prepared daily, each cup is freshly served. The brown sugar black whale pearls need to be brewed, boiled and stirred continuously for about 2-3 hours, with temperature of up to 100 degrees. After a long hour of cooking time, the fragrant scent of brown sugar syrup is absorbed entirely by pearls, each pearl is crystal clear in colour, full of bright luster, with chewy tender, sweet and layered taste. The freshly prepared brown sugar black whale pearls can keep for only 3 hours, quite precious.


Exclusive Honey Golden Pearls

Exclusive honey golden pearls are freshly served every day. Cooked with BLACK WHALE exclusive recipe, and strict selection of pure honey, cook until honey golden pearls is appeared in firm and full of bright luster in gold colour. After cooked, unique aroma of honey is absorbed entirely by pearls, which provide a chewy yet sweet taste, springy texture, unique smooth taste, sweet and delicious! Matches with BLACK WHALE's Milk Tea Series, must be detonated the taste buds, to achieve the ultimate enjoyments!


Exclusive Recipe for High Quality Premium Tea Leaves Roasted with High Temperature Fire


This is the brand idea created by BLACK WHALE. BLACK WHALE's team in Malaysia is getting ready for almost 1 year in order to produce premium drinks with a good taste. We turn traditional tea drink into modern style by repackaging it, and produce tea drink exclusively special for Malaysian's culture. We strictly control the materials selection and each production step. This is to ensure that every cup of drink is made with real materials. The high-quality tea leaves are originated from Yunnan mountain and Taiwan, prepared by using hand-dried method, roasted under high temperature fire, and hence the taste is smoother and delicious. Moreover, the selection of high-quality tea bags which made of high density 'non-woven fabric' to serve tea soup with no residues. Each cup of freshly brewed tea must be served with one pack of premium tea bag. Boiled the premium tea bag with boiling water, and able to serve all with mellowness and bright colour of premium tea soup, the deliciousness and fragrance of tea 's aroma surely to recreate an unforgettable drinking experience for you.


The First Created Skin Nourishment Honey Peach Gum

Other than the famous Brown Sugar Series, BLACK WHALE MSIA breaks the bound of traditional method, exclusively created the first unique ingredient --- with reputable name as 'natural bird's nest', and the physical appearance of Whalcano Series is extremely beautiful! These are the special drinks of BLACK WHALE with the used of tea's underneath ingredient as bright coloured peach gum, they can be the most fashionable drinks under the illumination of light! BLACK WHALE does not just focus on physical appearance of the peach gum, but also consider the nutritious ingredients it has consists, with skin nourishing effect, has greatly improve the drinks' healthy value for today! The processing of peach gums are very complicated, they have to be soaked for 18 hours, washed and cooked for 3 hours, thus the freshly prepared peach gums are always in limited amount, until all sold out, which are very precious!


Premium Low-Fat Milk Cap

BLACK WHALE's premium low fat cheesy milk cap is made with cheese imported from New Zealand, smooth and dense taste, smoother than the regular milk cap that we drink in our daily lives, the slushy consistency is just fine. Meanwhile, the choice of using fresh milk to produce a low-fat milk cap does not just greatly reduce the calories of the traditional milk cap, but also make the taste feel much more better! Slightly salty milk cap, with slight of tea aroma, layered texture, mellowness and nice in fragrance. In conclusion, a nice cheesy milk cap matches with good tea, to serve you a warm hearted craft tea of BLACK WHALE.


Special Low-Fat Yogurt

BLACK WHALE's in-house special low-fat yogurt is made from pure milk, smooth & creamy, packed with nutrients & low in fat. The probiotics in the yogurt able to inhibit reproduction of harmful microorganisms, and hence to regulate balance of flora species inside body, to promote enterogastric peristalsis, to promote a healthy digestive tract & immune system. Healthy digestive system gives you a healthy beauty skin complexion. When blended together with fresh fruits that are rich in various vitamins, it makes our drink delicious yet guilt free! A perfect match between yogurt and different types of fruits brew you a fashionable and nutritious drink. Hence, provide you a sort of refreshing feeling. Take a sip, strong milky scent, delicate sweet nice flavour.


Fiery Brown Sugar Black Whale Milk

Open the lid, taste the roasted brown sugar on top with small spoon, the sizzling hot brown sugar smells infuse into the sweet cheese! Very delicious!

  Insert the straw, drew in a sip of sizzling hot brown sugar Black Whale Pearl, and drew in a sip of cold fresh milk, feel the wonderful taste of hot mingled with cold!

Stir the brown sugar Black Whale Pearl and fresh milk at the bottom with straw for 9 times, take a big sip! Delicious!!

Brown Sugar Series

Insert the straw, drew in a sip of sizzling hot brown sugar Black Whale Pearl, and drew in a sip of cold fresh milk, feel the wonderful taste of hot mingled with cold! 

Stir the brown sugar Black Whale Pearl and fresh milk at the bottom with straw for 9 times, take a big sip!! Delicious!

Whalcano Series

The chewy tender and skin nourishment peach gum is crystal clear in colour & the result is much more gorgeous and attractive if photo shooting from bottom or behind of the cup! 

Take a brilliant nice photo and post it! 

Insert the straw, stir the peach gum at the bottom, and enjoy!! 

Each bite can feel the wonderful taste of chewy tender peach gum mingled with scented tea!!


Cheezo Series

Open the cup’s lid, sip the sweet cheese with mouth! 

Open the stopper, taste a small sip of upper cheese’s layer and lower fresh fruit smoothie’s layer at the same time! 

Insert the straw, stir the peach gum at the bottom, and enjoy!!



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Black Whale CunFry opening 7 stores!

3 May
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